Work 2009

We will be working with the non-profit Community Housing Development Corporation of Des Moines to design "green" single-family affordable housing for the River Bend neighborhood in Des Moines.  River Bend is a relatively low income, racially diverse neighborhood dealing with issues related to crime, poverty, and neighborhood identity.  CHDC has been building these projects for several years and desperately needs design input!  Their director also wants to establish green design as a fundamental component of affordable housing - this is a trend that is in its infancy and has much potential for the future.  The projects are real - they will be built in the spring/summer of 2008 and subsequently sold at below-market prices to qualifying individuals and families.

You will be working in teams of 3-5 people and each team will have a "leader" who is an intern at one of the partner firms that we'll be working with throughout the studio.  Each team will need to establish its own direction of investigation for their project within the scope-of-work and budget developed by CHDC.  The interns will help establish the organization and focus of the team and various tasks and help with the application of information from the practice seminars (more below).  They will typically be involved in studio one afternoon every two weeks but each team will be able to establish their own schedule, within general parameters

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